DC-ACP Council members

Officers/Committee Chairs:
Shmuel Shoham, MD, FACP

Early Career Physicians (ECP)
Raj C Singaraju, MD

Health and Public Policy (HPPC)
Larry Klein, MD

Integrative Medicine
Laurie E Duncan, MD, FACP

International Health and Disparities
Kacie J Saulters, MD, FACP

Women in Medicine
Jennifer E Mills, MD, FACP
Elena Boley, MD, FACP

Henry Masur, MD

Baligh Yehia, MD, FACP

Annual Meeting
Arrel S Olano, MD, FACP

Resident Representative
Omowunmi (Omo) Adedeji, MD (GW)

Medical Student Representative
Samip Sheth

Council Members:
Elena Boley, MD, FACP
Kevin Chung, MD
Laurie Duncan, MD, FACP
Alice Fuisz, MD
Larry Klein, MD
Stacy Kruse, MD
Daniel Larbi, MD
Henry Masur, MD
Abbie Miller, MD
Jennifer Mills, MD, FACP
Arrel Olano, MD, FACP
Ashesh Patel, MD
Kacie Saulters, MD, FACP
Raj Singaraju, MD
Patience White, MD, FACR, MA
Bob Wilkinson, MD, MACP
Baligh Yehia, MD, FACP


DC-ACP Chapter Management Team