Quality Improvement Poster Entries

QI_9 - Identifying QI Targets for Lung Cance_new
QI_44 - Impact of Polysubstance Abuse
QI_60 - Peripheral smear review_What are we looking for
QI_75 - Tracking Chronic Opioid Presc Metrics
QI_110 - A Comprehensive Care Coordination Program
QI_124 - Using Alanine Aminotransferase Value as Predictor for Increased Risk of Complications after TJA
QI_157 - Maintaining Age Appropriate Screening and Vaccinations During the Covid-19 Pandemic
QI_163 - Prescription Drug Affordability as a New Vital Sign Strategies to Routinely Assess Medication Affordabilit
QI_169 - Improving the Quality in Quality Reporting2
QI_178 - Socioeconomic Variables Associated with Suboptimal Control of Diabetes
QI_224 - Quality Improvement Implementing a Diabetes Order Set