Research Poster Entries

R_1 - Assessing Healthcare Provider Knowledge of Human Trafficking
R_7 - Assessing Physical Activity Levels in Patients Diagnosed with HIV
R_15 - Preparing Primary Care Addiction Training
R_19 - Prevalence and Understanding of Sickle Cell Disease
R_27 - Update in Syphilis Proctitis
R_34 - Potential Impact of a New Anti-Coagulation Treatment - Copy
R_39 - Impact of a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic on Resident Education
R_56 - Morbidity & Mortality of Weekend
R_61 - Use of Social Media to Identify AxSpA-2
R_113 - Qualitative Study_Severe Hypoglycemia
R_159 - Surveillance of Candidemia
R_160 - Characterization of Skilled Nursing Facility Residents
R_162 - Patient Age and Cartilate Lesion Size
R_165 - Lung Ultrasound as a Mean to Evaluate and Diagnose
R_189 - COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Survey
R_197 - Design and Evaluation of a Medical Student InpatientTelehealthElective
R_234 - High Value Care Practice Habits for Internal Medicine Residents
R_235 - Fewer Clicks Notes are Quick
R_237 - Collaborative OSCE for Incoming Interns
R_238 - The Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Resident Wellness